Systems with robotic cameras and easy-to-use switchers …



Systems with robotic cameras and easy-to-use switchers …

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When the pressure is on in front of an audience of any size there’s only one chance to do it right. Whether it’s an audience of millions on an NFL broadcast waiting for the ref’s decision or it’s an audience of just a few who need to hear the quiet voice of a performer, MAGNUM makes sure it happens with clarity and precision.

When the lights dim and the important presentation you’ve prepared for the audience needs to be sharp, bright and colorful, MAGNUM has everything in place, in working order and ready for maximum impact.

That’s why The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rely on MAGNUM and that’s why so many other Sports Venues, Worship Centers and Performing Arts Centers call MAGNUM when they need their A/V systems to operate flawlessly and know that we’ll continue to be there for them – on call – ready to make it happen.

For the past 10 years MAG SYSTEMS has been the maintenance contractor for all audio at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa for The New York Yankees. In 2011 we were awarded the opportunity to design and build the audio and video systems for the new “Yankees Pavillion” located behind the stadium on the third base side .

In addition, our President has had a consulting engineer relationship to The Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg for over 20 years.  This constitutes 82 Parishes, consisting of 82 churches and 36 elementary and secondary schools. Church audio/video and training for all denominations has become a hallmark of MAGNUM and we are proud of the many relationships we have developed in the religious community.

MAG SYSTEMS was founded in 2000 based on the principle that “Quality, Dedication and Service” will create its own demand. Over the past decade we have had the opportunity to provide our designs and installations to major sports venues, churches, colleges, universities, hotels, corporate training centers, and many other venues.

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At MAG SYSTEMS, we’re not just satisfied with selling and installing the best equipment for the best price. There are plenty of places to buy gear. We’re building relationships!

Our systems incorporate the best technology WITH decades of knowledge in how to install it, how to adjust it, how to maximize the sound or view of the room and how to minimize problems.

Our precision training, along with our engaged customer service, assures that the experience of your audience, whatever the size, will be enjoyable.  Our solutions create atmospheres that enhance performances, presentations and public speaking, venues as large as stadiums and as intimate as small conference rooms.

Give MAG SYSTEMS a call today and find out what we can do for you and the people counting on you to deliver the best overall experience possible.

 What Are Digitally Steerable Arrays?
• Stunning Visual Clarity
• Light & Powerful Wireless Systems
• Remote Cameras in HD


At MAG SYSTEMS, we’re always in tune with the latest and best technology. Because of our long-standing relationships with our Product Partners and our thirst for better sounding and better looking and better performing systems, we’re able to offer solutions for any venue, no matter the size.

We’ve been amazed at what technology is bringing to the overall experience we craft for our clients’ venues. Digitally Steerable Arrays are like having many small speaker systems in one to create one great wave – sculpting the sound to go wherever you need it and avoiding the places you don’t want it.

Projectors are getting more clear and more colorful all the time. New strides in lens building will throw the picture further than ever.

Wireless Mics, In-Ear Monitor Systems, Amps, even the cables are getting more reliable and more user-friendly.

Console technology that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to utilize has now become affordable for almost any venue. Built-in effects and digital accuracy are well within the reach of modest budgets. And they sound awesome.

Just wait until you see the clarity of the new line of HD remote cameras for Close Circuit systems good enough for Hi-Def Broadcasts. It’s just incredible how accessible all this technology is to any budget.

If you haven’t thought about upgrading your system lately – now is the time to give us a call. We’ll be right over to give you a free consultation with no pressure at all and you’ll be amazed at what MAGNUM can do for you.



“We have worked with the Magnum Audio team for many years and I can tell you that if you want perfection, Randi Crooks and his team at Magnum Audio are just that.  They provide the best equipment and installation at affordable pricing and will always see everything through from start to finish.

Always reliable, if you need assistance with setups or troubleshooting there is no hesitation whatsoever from them to be there and help.  Truly top notch in the audio world on all accounts.  Magnum Audio provides us with the National Anthem microphones, Officials microphones and Halftime microphones, along with our Press Conference needs each home game and at major events.  The Magnum Audio team are true professionals.  It is well known throughout the NFL that they are top percentile at their craft.

If you want your sound and equipment to be the best, then you found it with Magnum Audio.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jim Mackes
Senior Manager of Game Operations

“We were introduced to Randi Crooks of Magnum Audio Group through a referral from Earthworks. We were having issues with our sound system. We had been told that we needed to purchase a new board to solve the issue, from other vendors. I had been doing some research and since all of our other microphones were working fine, it did not make sense that our board was the issue. Earthworks noted they had an authorized dealer in our area, Magnum Audio. Randi came our with a loaner microphone, set it up, and made a couple adjustments to our board, the results were a night and day difference, at a fraction of the cost of a new board.

Magnum Audio Group has consistently provided outstanding service, characterized by an extreme eye for details, no matter the size of the project. We continued to broaden the scope of their work in our building from sound, to projection and finally a video system.

One of the key benefits we have received from Magnum Audio Group are the close relationships they have with key manufacturers in the audio, video and projection fields. These relationships are not that of a reseller but that of a true partner. 

Salvation Army

Michael Webb
Systems Manager

“I have worked with Randy Crooks and Magnum Audio on 2 major installations thus far:  St. Frances Cabrini Church in Spring Hill, Florida and the renovation of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Randy and his associates excel in their knowledge and application of sound reinforcement principles; I have never found anyone else come close to their knowledge and ability in my 37 years as a professional church musician.  Additionally, as a practicing Roman Catholic, Randy knows the liturgy and the needs of Catholic musicians, and thus makes him the premier choice for Catholic parishes in the area.  Always cooperative and cordial, Randy and his crew surmount difficult situations and demands with ease – they can always ‘make it happen’ with outstanding results.”

Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle

Christopher J. Berke
Director of Music

“Randy Crooks and Magnum Audio Group Inc. have been associated with The Tampa Sports Authority for over 22 years.  Randy has provided sound and consulting services that have been invaluable to The Tampa Sports Authority over the years.

Randy and his employees have always met or exceeded our request and expectations.  Magnum Audio Group technicians are always very professional, friendly and very knowledgably.  Work is always completed on time and often early.

The Tampa Sports Authority is very pleased with the quality of the work and services provided by Randy and look forward to a continued successful working relationship with The Magnum Audio Group.”

Tampa Sports Authority

Jim Duffy
Operations Manager – Raymond James Stadium

“When the proprietors of A la Carte Event Pavillion asked AVSS, Inc. to recommend a sound company for the installation and upgrade of their system in the main ballroom, we knew that quality and service had to be a top priority in choosing a vendor, as A la Carte’s reputation of being a first class event facility would be on the line.

With a proven track record of church, auditorium and stadium installations under their belt, Magnum Audio’s crew worked a flexible schedule to guarantee a smooth transition between the old and the new system.

Magnum Audio went above and beyond, designing and installing on time, and providing ongoing support whenever needed .  They back up everything they sell and install.  We have worked with them for years now, and would hire no one else.”

AVSS, Inc.

Bob Clements

“I’ve been in ministry forty-three years and been tormented by sanctuary sound systems for most of those years.  Then I met Randi Crooks.  Randi is not just a sound system engineer who does his job and leaves for the next.  He strives for a strong relationship with his clients.  He works on the job with his crew.  He answers questions so that I understand.  He offers solutions to problems.  I can count on a very quick response when I call him.

But there is one part of his professional approach that I like.  Recently, Randi installed a projection and camera system in our sanctuary.  Then he followed up about a week later with a contact to make sure the system was working as it should.  It is his personal touch that makes Randi stand out heads and shoulders above all the other sound companies I’ve used in the past.  Without any reservation, I would highly recommend Randi and Magnum Audio Group to any person or committee looking for a quality installation of the best sound and video system possible.”

Presbyterian Church of Palm Harbor

Rev. Dr. B. Dennis

“I have used Randi Crooks of Magnum Audio on two separate occasions to install sound systems in my respective churches.  While a Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Kissimmee, FL in 1998 Randi and his crew put in a complete sound system which is still serving that church well to this day.  Then last year (2012), as Pastor of Medulla Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL, I called on Randi again for his services in the putting a new speaker system into our church.  During the installation of both projects Randi and his team not only did a fantastic job, he became a friend to me and to those with whom he worked.  I have found it to be Randi’s desire to create the best possible environment for whatever particular church setting was desired, and to be very considerate of the church’s wishes.  Thanks again Randi, for your professionalism and the outstanding work you have done.”

Medulla Baptist Church

Rev. Mark Epperson

“On behalf of the Outback Bowl and its Board of Directors we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere thanks to you and Magnum Audio Group for your outstanding twenty-seven years of contribution and dedicated support of the Outback Bowl.

There are far too many occasions to mention but we can’t thank you enough for always being there handling the many audio needs to ensure successful Outback Bowl events.  It’s comforting to know that our events were always properly structured and supported by the Magnum Audio Group.  There are many moving parts with the Outback Bowl events and we don’t think we could manage them properly without the level of expertise the Magnum Audio Group brings.

Thanks again for all you and the Magnum Audio Group have done to make the Outback Bowl so successful.  We couldn’t do it without you.”

Outback Bowl

James P. McVay

“I want you to know how satisfied we have been with the products and services provided to St. Patrick Parish by the Magnum Audio Group over the years.  We have now gone through two “overhauls” of our church sound system with your support and are most pleased with the outcome.  The recent installation of the Renkus-Heinz Line Array Speakers, Subwoofer and Ambo Microphone has provided our parish family with amazing sound quality for our liturgies and other worship services… the customized programming of this system in our church was personally intriguing for me to watch!

Needless to say, more than anything else, we sincerely appreciate the fact that you are only a telephone call away whenever we need something.  As you are well aware, with so many different musical groups using the sound system in a church setting, it’s pretty easy for a slide or dial to be suddenly “not in the proper position” and no one knows how it happened or how to “fix it”.  We rely on the assurance that you and your team of professionals are always there for us.

Keep up the great work!”

Saint Patrick Catholic Church

Francis “Buzz” Bruno
Director of Operations

“It has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Magnum Audio Group, and particularly Randi Crooks, on multiple projects over the past ten years.  There are very few subcontractors that can even approach the level of service and professionalism that I receive on a daily basis from this company.  Randi is eager to assist me in budget, pricing, material selections, scheduling and planning.  From estimating, to installation, to close-out and warranty work, Magnum Audio Group has no equal in the industry.  I would personally recommend Magnum Audio Group for your entire audio, video and CCT needs.”

Herman Construction Services

Chris Oman
Vice President

“Give, and it will be given to you.  They will pour into your lap a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”  Luke 6:38

I am reminded of this scripture passage when I reflect on my good friend Randi Crooks.  Randi was instrumental in helping me with the most important Church project of my career.  His expertise and guidance was one of the reasons the project was so successful.  He gave so much of his personal time and effort to ensure that our project was designed and constructed correctly with the most appropriate design and state of the art audio and visual equipment.  I look forward to future collaborations together and I whole-heartedly recommend Randi and the staff of Magnum Audio Group for all your Audio and Video design consulting services.”


Williamson Dacar Associates

George Tharin, RA

“I first met Randi Crooks, President of Magnum Audio Group, Inc. in December 2006 when he worked up a proposal for our church for a new audio system.  He came highly recommended and immediately I could see why.  Once you meet him you can just see the love he has for what he is doing.

He and his crew started installation at the end of December and the difference was unbelievable!  The Reader, Priest, Deacon, Speaker could be heard from any seat in the whole church.  Our congregation was also very happy with the new audio system.  I have called Randi with what I thought was a problem and he walked me through checking some things and sometimes it was as simple as someone pushed the wrong button, but he always took the time to help me.

Randi treats all his clients as if they are the only client he has, each and every one is just as important to him.  on the rare occasion when Randi did need to come to our church he came the very day I called him and we are approximately 70-80 miles away.  Honestly, I can’t say enough good about Randi and the manner in which he cares for all his clients. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing an audio system in their church, auditorium, hall or any other building you may have.

Over the last 6 1/2 years a definite friendship has grown.  When you are responsible for things running smoothly and there is a problem it is so nice to know you can call someone and have the situation corrected almost immediately.  I have been the Parish Administrator at St. Thomas the Apostle in Homosassa for over 25 years now and working with someone like Randi is truly a pleasure.”


St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Susan Pistone
Parish Administrator

“Whenever I am in need of technical advice or help with a new Audio / Video installation, the team at Magnum Audio Group has been amazing to work with. When working with them, I always feel that they care more about doing the job right and getting the best results, than making a huge profit.

Every installation that they have been involved with, is still working just like the day they installed it.

They have been amazing to work with from just answering a simple question, to a full installation of an Audio/Visual system.  I look forward to working with them on future projects here at St. Petersburg Catholic High School.”


St. Petersburg Catholic High School

John Christian
Director of Technology

“Higgins Hall and St. Lawrence Catholic Church have had a long running relationship with Randi Crooks and Magnum Audio Group.  Last year they designed and installed a new distributive audio system for our hall as well as a sound system for our school’s soccer field.  Both systems have been everything we hoped they would be.  The installations were done on a timely basis and on a very professional level.

All of our clients, guests and employees have had nothing but rave reviews for the new systems.  In the final analysis both systems were everything they promised and exactly what we were looking for.  When we need any type of technical assistance or service, they respond immediately and always with our best interest at heart.  I would highly recommend Magnum Audio Group to anyone who is looking for a top-notch system or service at affordable pricing.”

Higgins Hall

Al Piotrowski
Facilities Manager

“Randi Crooks has been our “go-to-guy” here for audio for nearly 18 years. Upon installation of a new system, we knew we could trust his expert advice as to just what we needed to make our sanctuary sound amazing.

Magnum Audio takes great pride in the work they do, and this is evident in their customer service, which goes far beyond installation. The care and attention they give to their customers is second to none.  I can’t count how many Sunday morning audio emergencies we have had and Randi would be right there willing to help at a moment’s notice.  Weekday or weekend, emergency or non-emergency, Magnum Audio is only a call away to help out, to fix, or to advise.  It is with great confidence and pleasure that I would recommend Magnum Audio for any church contemplating a new system, or just needing help or advice with a current system.  Thanks, MAG!  You are the BEST!”

St. Paul Catholic Church

Mary Gant
Director of Music