At MAG SYSTEMS, we’re always in tune with the latest and best technology. Because of our long-standing relationships with our Product Partners and our thirst for better sounding and better looking and better performing systems, we’re able to offer solutions for any venue, no matter the size.

We’ve been amazed at what technology is bringing to the overall experience we craft for our clients’ venues. Digitally Steerable Arrays are like having many small speaker systems in one to create one great wave – sculpting the sound to go wherever you need it and avoiding the places you don’t want it.

Projectors are getting more clear and more colorful all the time. New strides in lens building will throw the picture further than ever.

Wireless Mics, In-Ear Monitor Systems, Amps, even the cables are getting more reliable and more user-friendly.

Console technology that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to utilize has now become affordable for almost any venue. Built-in effects and digital accuracy are well within the reach of modest budgets. And they sound awesome.

Just wait until you see the clarity of the new line of HD remote cameras for Close Circuit systems good enough for Hi-Def Broadcasts. It’s just incredible how accessible all this technology is to any budget.

If you haven’t thought about upgrading your system lately – now is the time to give us a call. We’ll be right over to give you a free consultation with no pressure at all and you’ll be amazed at what MAGNUM can do for you.