When the pressure is on in front of an audience of any size there’s only one chance to do it right. Whether it’s an audience of millions on an NFL broadcast waiting for the ref’s decision or it’s an audience of just a few who need to hear the quiet voice of a performer, MAGNUM makes sure it happens with clarity and precision.

When the lights dim and the important presentation you’ve prepared for the audience needs to be sharp, bright and colorful, MAGNUM has everything in place, in working order and ready for maximum impact.

That’s why The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rely on MAGNUM and that’s why so many other Sports Venues, Worship Centers and Performing Arts Centers call MAGNUM when they need their A/V systems to operate flawlessly and know that we’ll continue to be there for them – on call – ready to make it happen.

For the past 10 years MAG SYSTEMS has been the maintenance contractor for all audio at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa for The New York Yankees. In 2011 we were awarded the opportunity to design and build the audio and video systems for the new “Yankees Pavillion” located behind the stadium on the third base side.

In addition, our President has had a consulting engineer relationship to The Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg for over 20 years.  This constitutes 82 Parishes, consisting of 82 churches and 36 elementary and secondary schools. Church audio/video and training for all denominations has become a hallmark of MAGNUM and we are proud of the many relationships we have developed in the religious community.

MAG SYSTEMS was founded in 2000 based on the principle that “Quality, Dedication and Service” will create its own demand. Over the past decade we have had the opportunity to provide our designs and installations to major sports venues, churches, colleges, universities, hotels, corporate training centers, and many other venues.